TDoR 2016 / 2016 / March / 04 / Buse Dönmez ("Çok Şeker Buse")

Buse Dönmez ("Çok Şeker Buse")

Age 31

4 Mar 2016
Bakırköy, Istanbul (Turkey)

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Buse Dönmez ("Çok Şeker Buse")
Buse Dönmez ("Çok Şeker Buse") [photo:]

Buse was attacked in her home, being stabbed multiple times and then strangled. Her body was found by friends two days later.

The friends who called on the [trans woman] [deadname] Dönmez, alias "Buse" living in Bakirköy, by phone, did not receive an answer. When Dönmez's friends went to her house in Cevizlik Mahallesi Kartapu Street, she did not open the door despite repeated knocks.

Donmez's friends, worried about her life, called a locksmith. The door opened, and Donmez was found covered in blood. The police were informed.

In the examination, bruises were detected on the neck of [deadname] Dönmez, who also received 7 stab wounds to her abdomen, waist and chest. It was understood that Dönmez was stabbed first and then strangled.

After determining that the body was two days old, the police concentrated on surveillance footage. Entering the house, the search for VA, who was determined to have committed the murder, began.

TvT project: Kaos GL & LGBTI News Turkey, 07.03.2016

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