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Monica Loera

Age 43

22 Jan 2016
Austin,, Texas (USA)

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Monica Loera
Monica Loera [photo:]

Monica was shot in front of her home by JonCasey Rowell, 30, on the night of 22nd January. She died in hospital.

In November 2017 Rowell was convicted of her murder and sentenced in 20 years in prison.

Rowell confessed to shooting Loera at the start of the trial, but his lawyers argued it was an act of self-defense. He allegedly believed Loera robbed him after he responded to her ad on and visited her at her North Austin home in the early hours of Jan. 22, 2016. He told the jury that she threatened him with a bat when he came back with a loaded gun in search of his wallet, which was later found in his jacket pocket. Instead of leaving, he shot her from a foot away and fled. As Payan told the jury during closing arguments, “When you point a loaded gun at someone and shoot it at close range that’s an intentional act.”

Later that day he drove back to Childress, Texas, where his then-wife and 10-day-old son were living while he was working in Georgetown. Over the weekend he Googled numerous things, aside from how to get away with murder, including legal defense, porn, and backpage – once again looking for trans sex workers. “If he was so scared that he needed to use deadly force,” Payan asked rhetorically. “Why is he back at it the next day?”

TvT project: Pink News & Dallas Voice, 30.01.2016

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