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Flavia Andrade das Neves

12 Jan 2016
Barra de Santo Antônio, Alagoas (Brazil)

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Flavia Andrade das Neves
Flavia Andrade das Neves [photo:]

Flávia was found dead in a home where she was working as a housekeeper. She had been shot.

Flávia - "The Lady in Red" for she was always wearing a long red dress, was from Pernambuco being born in Jaboatão dos Guararapes-PE. She suffered from mental disorders and came to Barra de Santo Antonio, this welcoming land. [deadname] Andrade das Neves was her baptismal name, and she had it in her head that she was from São Paulo. Throughout her life she managed to have the Paulista sutaco. It was impossible to say that Flávia was not from São Paulo because of her expression when addressing a person.

Flávia didn't much like to live in a house that many barrense offered to [trans women]. She always lived like a beggar, but relied on barrense aids and won the trust the trust and respect of many through her charisma. Painted with a lively lipstick and makeup that caught the attention of many, she had the sympathy of all Barrense when passing through the various streets of the city.

We were sad when she left us yesterday morning (Tuesday) for our Heavenly Father - so early and so cruelly. Flavia was found dead in a house that had recently worked as a housekeeper and where she slept.

TvT partner organisation Rede Trans Brasil & Blog do Gygy, 13.01.2016

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