TDoR 2016 / 2015 / November / 23 / Nilay Özden

Nilay Özden

Age 33

23 Nov 2015
Maltepe, Istanbul (Turkey)
Stabbed, drowned and strangled

TDoR list ref: tgeu/23-Nov-2015/Nilay

Nilay Özden
Nilay Özden [photo:]

Nilay's body was found by friends in her home. A client had stabbed, drowned and then strangled her with the belt of a bathrobe.

He stabbed her first and then drowned her in a bathrobe!

Our partner, Emel, was talking with Nilay. Nilay says her client is coming and she hangs up. Then we can't reach her for a long time. Emel goes to her house at night after getting suspicious. The door would not open, and after calling a locksmithn they found Nilay's body.

“I saw the house. There was blood everywhere. She was stabbed all over. Finally, she was drowned and strangled with a bathrobe and then he ran away, leaving the knife he had stabbed her with at home.

TvT project: Kirmizisemsiye Organization & NSWP, 24.11.2015

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