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Keisha Jenkins

Age 22

6 Oct 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

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Keisha Jenkins
Keisha Jenkins [photo:]

Keisha was ambushed, beaten and shot by a group of men at around 2:30am on the morning of 6th October.

According to police she had just been dropped off by a car near Hunting Park when the men surrounded her and beat her. When she fell to the ground, one of the attackers pulled out a gun and shot her in the back twice. She died in hospital.

Pedro Redding, 22, of Hunting Park, was subsequently arrested for robbery and murder. Redding reportedly admits to beating her but insists that someone else fired the gun.

Keisha was a Philadelphia native who previously attended West Philadelphia High School and was attending Temple University at the time of her death.

Friends and family described her as warm, jolly and “comfortable” in her own skin. She’s remembered for lovingly caring for her grandmother during her battle with cancer, by keeping grandma’s fridge stocked and being there for her during her “weakest moments.” Kiesha’s family can’t understand why anyone would want to kill her.

Keisha's Facebook profile is TvT project: The Daily Mail & The Advocate, 06.10.2015

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