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Laura Moyano

Age 35

25 Jul 2015
Córdoba (Argentina)
Stoned and asphixiated

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Laura Moyano
Laura Moyano [photo:]

Laura was killed by a client in the Villa Allende Park neighborhood in the early hours of Saturday 25th July.

An autopsy concluded that she had been beaten around the head with a stone and then asphixiated - possibly by stamping on her neck.

The Cordovan [trans woman] assassinated the weekend in the northwest of the provincial capital, died from asphyxiation after receiving several blows to the head with a stone.

The autopsy confirmed that Laura's killer applied a strong compression to the victim's neck, although it would not have been with the hands because they did not find marks.

Her body was found over the weekend in an abandoned building, where a client would have taken her to have sex.

"The death is by asphyxia, but with some element that exceeds the manual strangulation," an informant confided about the report received by District 4 prosecutor, Turn 4, Liliana Copello.

In addition, Laura suffered abrasions on her back, presumably from lying down while she tried to defend herself.

On her face the autopsy showed that she had other injuries and a small fracture in her nose.

It was also verified that Laura had sexual relations that dawn. Now it remains to establish if there was someone else's DNA under the victim's fingernails.

Moyano was last seen at the exit of the Santa Diabla bowling in Villa Allende Park.

Relatives of Laura and LGTBIQ organizations called for a mobilization for today afternoon in the Health Center N ° 34 of 9 de Julio neighborhood to demand justice. "We demand that the Police, the Justice and the Provincial Government investigate, act and condemn the murderers and accomplices of the cases of violence and hate crimes against transgender women that are being carried out in the Province of Córdoba", argues a statement from the Cordovan branch of the Transvestites and Transgender Transvestites Association of Argentina (ATTTA).

"Laura was very well known in the neighborhood, she was very active socially. She helped with a soup kitchen for children in the neighborhood and also training to get into the workplace, something so longed for by many compañeras, " Nadiha Molina, referring to ATTTA Córdoba, told Infojus.

"Clearly it was a murder of hate, for the identity of the partner and the signs of violence that the body presented," said Molina. "Lately we are alerted about attacks suffered by the compañeras. We have received many calls about unpleasant situations that suffer companions in the area, "added Molina.

The organization Devenir Diverse, which defends the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transgender, intersex and queers collective, also denounced that Laura was murdered with "hatred and hatred" and that it was a "transphobic crime, discarding any other motive."

TvT partner organization: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans 27.07.2015

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