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Name Unknown

Age 41

21 Jul 2015
Alicante (Spain)

TDoR list ref: tgeu/21-Jul-2015/N.N.

Name Unknown

The victim was beaten to death inside an elevator. Two suspects were arrested.

She was a Brazilian citizen and her identity is still unknown.

TvT project: El País 21.07.2015 & El Diario Información 21.07.2015

A Brazilian citizen of 41 years has been found dead inside the elevator of a building in Alicante at 9.10 this Tuesday. Two French holidaymakers of 31 and 21 years, without apparent parentage, have been detained by the National Police after six hours ignoring the agents and hiding in the apartment where the alleged crime occurred. Between this Wednesday and Thursday they will go to court, according to sources of the investigation. The victim, in the absence of official confirmation, is a [trans woman] who was visiting the building, according to the testimony of the neighbors.

The incident in the number 19 of the avenue of the Condomina, a building that looks at the lagoon of Alicante, was anything but pleasant. A neighbor was on his way to the street with the body of who at first thought she was a [cisgender] woman. She was in cardiorespiratory arrest and with evident symptoms of violence to the neck and head. Resuscitation attempts failed, and until the police officers arrived, no one noticed that she was [a transgender woman].

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