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Charol Álvarez Santana ("Shaggy")

Age 18

14 Jul 2015
San Marcos, Sucre (Colombia)

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Charol Álvarez Santana ("Shaggy")
Charol Álvarez Santana ("Shaggy") [photo:]

Charol was shot 3 times in the chest by two assailants on a motorcycle while she was cycling home with a friend. She died at the scene.

Charol was 18 years old and her murder occurred at 8 o'clock at night when she was traveling by bicycle to his home in the company of a friend, in the neighborhood of La Candelaria, sector of Los 3 Chorros. There she was hit by two individuals on a motorcycle, who shot her three times in the chest causing her immediate death.

According to Caribe Afirmativo, Charol had tried to commit suicide twice in her grandmother's home within in the same municipality.

"The first attempt was in the month of February 2015, due to the pressure, expulsion and affectation due to her gender identity by the San Marcos Educational Unit, when the discipline coordinator forced her to dress as a man and cut her hair to allow her to take the tenth grade. Finally, she was sent to validation days that were held on weekends, because according to the school authorities she represented a danger to the welfare of the school.

The second suicide attempt was made last June, when her parents expelled her from her home in an act of outright rejection of her gender identity, a situation that, like the previous one, put her life at risk, "she said. Caribe Affirmative in a statement.

The murder of Charol joins two other cases that occurred this year in the same municipality. One was presented on January 9 when Camila Flores, 35 years old, was murdered. The other case corresponds to June 18, 2015, when Paloma, a 28-year-old trans woman, was assassinated.

The Caribbean Affirmative Observatory indicated that it has registered fourteen homicides against LGBTI people in the Caribbean region in 2015: five in the Atlantic, three in the department of Sucre, two in the department of Cesar, two in the department of Córdoba and two in the Magdalena department. The victims were seven gay men, five trans women and two lesbian women.

The corporation demanded that the Prosecutor's Office "move quickly and forcefully in the investigation of this violent act, ensuring that it does not remain unpunished."

TvT partner organization: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans 15.07.2015

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