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Vanessa Calaça

Age 27

12 Jul 2015
Goiânia, Goiás (Brazil)

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Vanessa Calaça
Vanessa Calaça [photo:]

Vanessa was beaten with stones by Lucas Ferreira, 29, and Dionata Guimarães, 24.

Truck driver and colleague arrested suspected of killing transvestite in Goiás

The Civil Police of Goiás presented on Tuesday (15) two suspects of killing a [trans woman] in Goiânia. Lucas Ferreira, 29, and Dionata Guimarães, 24, confessed to the crime. According to investigators the victim, 27-year-old [deadname], was stoned to death after a disagreement with one of the suspects. The crime occurred on July 12 this year when [deadname] was approached by the suspects at a roundabout in Bairro São Francisco where she offered her services. The pair arrived in a truck driven by Dionata, who works for a cargo carrier.

“After agreeing terms the suspects and the victim went to a remote street in the São Joaquim Recreational Sector and entered the truck to have sex,” said Deputy Valdemir Pereira da Silva, of the Goiânia Homicide Investigation Police ( IHL), the deputy responsible for the case.

The deputy said that afterwards there was a disagreement between the pair and [deadname], and they got out of the truck arguing. Lucas and Dionata then stoned the [trans woman] to death, and her body was found hours later by the military police.

By capturing images from security cameras, the police identified a truck that passed where the [trans woman] was working and also near the location where her body was found in the Recreio São Joaquim neighborhood. Afterwards the police estimated that they had approached more than 2,000 trucks in search of suspects. Police only discovered the pair after receiving a complaint that a truck matching the description of that they were looking for was parked outside a house in the Residential Sector Carla Cristina.

The Civil Police went to the scene and confirmed that it was the same vehicle registered by the cameras and, when checking the interior found several condoms. Lucas, Dionata and his sister were in the house.

Vanessa's Facebook profile is Her murder was not recorded in the TDoR 2015 list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2015, but was reported by

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