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Name Unknown

30 Jun 2015
Manaus, Amazonas (Brazil)

TDoR list ref: tgeu/30-Jun-2015/N.N.

Name Unknown

The victim was shot in the back and abdomen by two men on a motorcycle.

The Police of Homicide and Kidnapping of the Civil Police, still has no information on the motivation of the murder of a [trans woman], which occurred this morning on Avenida Desembargador João Machado, Flores neighborhood, Central-West zone of Manaus.

Without identification, the [trans woman] was killed with at least three shots, said Medical-Legal Institute (IML) agents who rescued the body at dawn (30).

The crime happened in the vicinity of the Specialized Police Station for Investigation of Infractions and several bars. According to witnesses, the [trans woman] was have been involved in a disagreement moments before in a nearby bar. Afterwards when she was on the sidewalk of the street she passed two men on a motorcycle who shot her in the back and abdomen.

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