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Bianca Bittencourt

18 Apr 2015
Ariquemes, Rondônia (Brazil)

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Bianca Bittencourt

Bianca was stabbed by a cisgender colleague after an argument over a prostitution point.

An unidentified [trans woman] was stabbed in the chest on Saturday morning (18). The case took place on 9th Street of Sector 2, in Ariquemes (RO), city of Jamari Valley. Another 24-year-old [trans woman] and a 27-year-old [cisgender] woman were arrested on suspicion of the crime. They claimed that the victim was charging $ 500 for a prostitution point, which caused an argument. The [trans woman] died after being admitted to the Regional Hospital.

The suspect told the police that she did sex programs, just as the victim did. During the fight, the [cisgender] woman reportedly stabbed the victim. The knife used in the crime was not found. Those involved were heard at the police station but were released.

TvT partner organization Grupo Gay da Bahia & Globo 18.04.2015

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