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Cedric Thomas

Age 20

5 Jun 2004
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA)

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Cedric Thomas

Cedric was shot multiple times by two men who approached in a car. They were trans and at the time were presenting as a woman.

The first time they approached him, they tried to rob him, but he was able to grab a two by four of sorts and fight them off. Unfortunately, that was just the first time they approached him. After fighting them off the first time, the suspects said they would be back, and a few minutes later, they were.

According to Detective Robert Gann, "Another argument ensued, the subject pulled out a revolver, Cedric Thomas tried to run, and he shot Cedric several times as he fled."

Cedric's mother remembers getting a knock on her door that morning. But something about it didn't seem right, so she didn't answer.

"About 20 minutes after that, the phone rang," recalls Barbara Thomas. "It was a doctor from Baton Rouge General. He asked me if I had a son named Cedric Thomas."

Cedric had actually survived the shooting, and he and his mother got a chance to talk on the phone, before she left for the hospital. "He told me he had been shot and was hurting, and that he loved me and was getting ready to go to surgery."

Imagine if you can that phone call. You're a mother, talking with your son who has just been shot, getting ready for surgery. A million things running through your mind and all you want to do is get to him. By the time she got there, he was unconscious. She would never talk to him again. He died a few weeks later on June 5th. As for those who did the shooting, Detective Gann says, "They're still out there, they pose a danger to the community and they need to be taken off the street."

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